Tips On How To Succeed With Adsense:


Here are some tips for achieving success with Google AdSense.

1. Build Traffic

AdSense is all about targeted traffic. The more people you have on your site that are actually interested in what you have to offer, the more you will potentially make.

2. Experiment

Test ad sizes, images vs. text, play around with colors, ad unit sizes, you name it. I personally like to have my ads match the background of my site so they blend more.

3. Avoid Free Hosts

I know times are tough economically and a lot of you don't want to pay for a website. But the facts don't lie. Successful website owners invest money. Period.

I have yet to open up a magazine and see a successful site featured hosted on or another free host. Never. And I've been out here since 1998.

If you want the search engines and people to take your site seriously, you have to own your site. And if you don't do this, I question your dedication.

Even if it means you have to wait and save your money for 6 months to buy a domain and hosting. I'd rather you do that then take shortcuts with free hosting.

I cannot tell you how many e-mails I receive monthly from people who regret the decision to start off free. Once they realize the limitations, they decide to move to a paid host and are left with the intimidating task of moving all their files over. Don't put yourself in that situation.

 Just remember, success with AdSense is all about how well you bring in targeted visitors to your website.

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